Searching through complex logs was never so easy!

InvisionLog aggregates your logs and can alert you realtime when a critical problem occurs. Fix your issues before they become a problem to your customers.

Where Is Your Application Stuck?

Centralized logging

Send and process every log event produced by your applications so you can observe all logs from one single place.

Realtime alerts

Set alerts based on custom conditions so you never miss out on any critical data that might occur. Get notified immidiately about it.

Live updating charts

Create live updating charts so you can easily find trends, watch errors or visualize your business performance from your application logs.

SQL like query syntax

Easily filter out the noise with an intuitive SQL query syntax, so you can focus on errors that matter.

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The installation and configuration process was seamless and quick, with minimal effort required to start logging centrally. The benefits of using InvisionLog were considerable.

We now have the ability to access all diagnostic information in an accessible and searchable format quickly.

Steven Lindsey

Software Architect

The InvisionLog dashboard provides an easy-to-use monitoring view for common problems, and it is very easy to set up alerts for specific sets of events.

Ricardo Sampson


We use InvisionLog for centralized logs for issue investigation. With our systems becoming more distributed we’ve found using InvisionLog gives us a unified, cross-system view of production issues.

We are able to push code more frequently into production because we’re able to identify issues quickly.

Ricardo Bradley

Aggregate logs from all applications to a single point

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